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We align with brands that are a great fit with our audience to create engaging featured branded content. Once completed we blast that content to our network through social media, email, and online publication.

This is similar to the branded feature where we distribute your content to our network of executives, entertainers and thought leaders. We then include a advertisements with a native targeting media buying to amplify your reach.

For products, info products, and special offers we run collaborative Facebook advertising campaigns with your branded content for brand awareness, sales, and other KPI goals.

If your brand is looking for full service targeted advertisement management for larger scaled goals we can run those campaigns for you as well. Our team and partners have made millions in e-commerce sales and ran campaigns for a vast range of KPI’s for large brands.

We have partnered with hundreds of publishers to offering cannabis & hemp brands access to both endemic and mainstream audiences at scale.

We provide contextually targeted, and brand safe pre- and mid-roll inventory, based on what is spoken inside the video that viewers are about to watch.

We distribute your content/advertisement on devices like Apple TV,  Roku and many other forms of connected TV as part of your media buy.

In partnership with our creative agency department, we can run large scale branded campaigns. This can include original programs, influencer marketing, and product placements combined with robust distribution strategies.

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