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A Film To Fight Against Social Injustice In Miami | Frijoles

A Film To Fight Against Social Injustice In Miami | Frijoles

Wow, 2020. What a year. COVID 19, lost jobs, career changes, anxiety, hatred, lost homes, lost family members, no entertainment, no leisure, governmental turmoil, the list goes on. Although it is easy to say we made it through and now it’s to move on, HOW?

Identify A Problem To Focus On

We are now stuck with the quest to identify solutions. One of the biggest events that sent the United States into a radical uprising was the brutal murder of George Floyd. After being arrested for buying a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill he was then pinned down on the sidewalk with officer Derek Chauvin knee on his neck for approximately 8 min and 46 seconds. This ultimately led to his death and global uproar.

The fight for change in prejudices and social injustice has now made global news again and the remainder of the year was centered around ways to improve it. Massive donations were distributed, movies like Antebellum and The Social Dilemma were made, and governmental races were built on it.

So far I think it’s safe to say that the Pandemic has calmed this flame but what are ways to continue that momentum?

An unfortunate focus point is Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter. While people battle and argue about fallacies of the different sides let’s spend some time understanding working together is most likely the most efficient way.

Movies like this upcoming project Frijoles are helping shake up our brains and refocus.


Let’s get granular on this topic. Content has moved the world to protest and provide action items.

The movie Frijoles is a short film about an Afro-Latino who doesn’t identify as black, navigating 2020’s pandemic and the boiling point of racial injustice. The producers are currently in preproduction. They have decided to open up the success of this project to rely on the people that are claiming they can help change.

A conscious argument is that these communities need more visibility of people that look like them on the screen and a variety in messaging and storytelling.


If you agree with this action item we plea that you join your fellow pedestrians and strugglers and help fund this visual solution. The team of the Frijoles film is ready to take the torch and help bring to light the difficult circumstances that are often swept under the rug. To do this they need your help. Donate what you can, share this article, or at the very least spend some time discussing more action items to solving these issues. The next time you feel a prejudiced thought about someone, put yourself in their shoes, and walk through the terrifying and unfortunate scenarios that subdue their dreams. We need change and it starts with self-accountability.

Thank you for checking out this message. We hope to continue to provide solutions to help change our saddened world.