50 Cent Puts On An Iconic Performance at E11even This Weekend

In Miami, there is a good chance that you run into a celebrity but not people like 50 Cent. I think it’s safe to say that 50 Cent has cemented himself as one of the funniest gangsta talents in all of entertainment. His hit TV series “Power” has been the bulk of the conversation over the past few years. Saturday night at E11even night club, the city of Miami got a reminder of why 50 Cent is really so legendary.

The crowd sang along lyric for lyric as he performed hits like P.I.M.P., Many Men and 21 Questions.  50 went back and forth from the DJ booth and his table section followed by parades of Le Chemin Du Roi.

After clowning in classic fashion, 50 Cent jumped on the turntables and started DJ’ing. And who else for him to drop first than 50 Cent 2.0 – DaBaby’s “Suge”. The packed crowd erupted as they danced for through the rest of his performance.

“I don’t know if you know how much this photo means to me. If you knew where I came from you would understand. I got to photograph the most successful person to ever come from the same place as me.” said, hometown native photographer Dex Hobbes

After his performance, his energy continued throughout the night. The already maximum packed venue had people continuing to file in and out all night. All of this was accompanied by more theatrical performances, bottle parades, and lots of laughter until the sun came up.

E11even is now gearing up for another crazy weekend next week with guest star Nelly. Visit 11Miami.com for more information.

Shot By Dex Hobbes

For Full Gallery Visit DexHobbes.com

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