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4 Profitable Investment Tactics for Millennials in 2017

4 Profitable Investment Tactics for Millennials in 2017

Before the internet propaganda was access. Today, access is a click away. We all literally have the information to become financial free in the palm of our hands. Let’s use it to properly invest in 2017.

Don’t worry I started gathering some of the information for you. Here are 4 tactics that stuck out to me:

1. Work Smart While You Work Hard

Stop working long hours because supposedly that is what breeds success. Simplify your work load. Invest in a CRM and Project Management Software. This will allow you to manage your clients, tasks, and leads more efficiently. Now you will be working hard towards the next dollar instead of working hard towards solving a bunch of unorganized issues. If you are already using one, make sure it is the right one. Here are a few that I’ve used:

2. DO THE RESEARCH – (Stocks)

Studies have show that, “more than 40 percent said they feel they don’t have enough money, 34 percent said they don’t know how, while 13 percent specifically blamed student debt.” Ok, so what does that mean? Google a few articles, watch a few videos. Much of my knowledge of marketing came from experiences and self teachings. In your research you will find that many of the proposed investment portals is stocks.

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If your answer to this is “stocks are so boring and risky”, then you might want to take a moment to understand why. Millions of people wake up every morning to give their all towards the stock market. Not because they want to but because they know something that you don’t!

3. Gary Vaynerchuk’s 20,170

If you’re not familiar with Gary Vee then you better start now. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a No BS viral marketing strategy for his personal brand. The video below explains his new challenge to his followers. By taking an 1 hour away from binge watching Game Of Thrones and put it towards learning how to flip products, you can gain an extra $20,170 into your pocket this year (DRUGS NOT INCLUDED). Hmm, doesn’t sound too hard.

4. Invest In Yourself

One of the main deterrents from success is a lack of value proposition. In better words, we aren’t great at anything! Take a class, pick up a trade, learn a new language. It’s impossible to take that next step in your career without the proper value add. I myself spent years leveraging assets and my network without providing any value of my own. That will leave you in a hamster wheel in the middle of the rat race. Figure out what you are best at or enjoy doing the most then become the BEST at it. It may take time but it will be worth it or your competitor will take your spot!

Good Luck. Keep “Chasing The Bag”.