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3 Blockchain Projects That Are Solving Billion Dollar Issues

3 Blockchain Projects That Are Solving Billion Dollar Issues

As we sit here and battle the myth of the crypto “bubble” platforms are surfacing to attack its wrath.

According to DC Forecasts, there are a few blockchain or coin projects (depending on preference) that have stuck out in recent time and have had a significant impact on the transition to a new world.


The advertising industry is somewhat an anchor in our economy. This $600+ Billion market realm has many holes that have been continuously been exploited. One of the most notable is the estimated $16 Billion lost from advertising fraud last year. False traffic from bots rather than humans are used, strategically, to view or click on adverts on websites.

Now with the development of Clearcoin, media-buyers will finally begin to get 100% worth of their media spends. ClearCoin is “a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment”.

This platform was formed to attack that fraud problem and many others as well as give you sufficient data. Their Clearcoin token is used for transactions and dictating the overall functionality of the platform.


Amongst this advertising platform, there are mega marketplaces coming to fruition. Storiqa, a platform created for buyers and sellers, is now making it possible for sellers to make online stores to sell their goods at low fees.

This technology is equipped with affiliate marketing, community service and more. Along with Amazon and Ebay, you can now sell your goods for cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens. A major change to the commerce world.


Content creators finally have a chance to earn what they are owed. New video distribution blockchain projects are starting to pop up. Lino is now the first to emerge from the pack. Recently they closed on a $20 Million raise centered around their coin offering. Instead of receiving pennies for their content, creators can now cut out the bullies YouTube, Facebook and others and get directly to the dollar.

There’s no telling how much weight this will hold when the mega-platforms begin to care about it. It is, however, decentralized, so does that mean they will have to just accept it. Maybe the pie is big enough for them to let them have a place at the table.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are one of many attempts to improve our society. We still look forward to robots (in moderation), autonomous cars, green energy, and much more. Our world is changing and it seems for the better. Pay attention and don’t get left behind.